entry criteria

We welcome all guests - of any descent, skin color and nationality!

In order to provide our guests with a pleasant stay in our club and to ensure the safety of all our guests, controls are carried out at the entrance.

We do our best and try to process the entrance as quickly and smoothly as possible. Should there be a longer waiting time at the entrance, we apologize for this inconvenience.

A lift is available for disabled persons, e.g. wheelchair users. Our security staff at the reception will be happy to assist you.

However, domiciliary rights apply, i.e. we can refuse admission to persons without giving reasons!

No admission will be granted:

    Persons who do not obey the lawful orders. (e.g. pandemic rules).
    Persons under 19 years of age on Saturdays (ID check) & under 18 years of age on Thursdays, Fridays (ID check).
    Persons who are obviously too young and do not carry identification.
    Persons who are heavily intoxicated.
    Persons who have attracted negative attention during previous visits.
    Persons who have already been banned from the premises.
    Persons who belong to right-wing extremist groups.
    Violent, disrespectful, aggressive and unfriendly persons.
    Persons who violate the house rules.
    Persons who show racist, violent, insulting or derogatory behavior towards other guests and our employees.
    Persons who are unkempt and not dressed appropriately - wearing sweatpants, baggy pants, flip-flops, jumper boots and muscle shirts is not encouraged.
    Persons endangering the safety of other guests.
    Persons carrying weapons or other dangerous objects.
    Persons carrying drugs or other prohibited substances.
    Persons carrying food and drinks.

We would like to point out that a reservation is not a guarantee of admission.

If any questions arise in connection with our admission criteria, please contact us via contact form.

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